Tourism in Croatia


The Friendly Beach Autism project is a European project born in 2016. It has launched a unique territorial social network in Europe to allow all families, even those with a family member with special needs, to spend a relaxing holiday at the sea. Consequently, this project, so attentive to the needs of the person, contributes to expanding the tourist offer in the area, enhancing local resources.

In Croatia, in the Istrian Region, the network is made up of hotels - private houses (with apartments or individual villas for several families) - resorts - restaurants - theme parks - sports activities - specialized educators available to help families on vacation.

FRENDLY services:

  • Sports activities: boat - bicycles - Nordic walking - horseback riding - karate
  • ECO-Excursions in Nature with guide / instructor
  • Musical and educational workshops

FRIENDLY location:

NOVIGRAD is the first tourist destination in Croatia to join the FREINDLY Beach Autism project to promote the development of sustainable tourism, to allow everyone to discover and enjoy the magic of this small Mediterranean and fishing village. UMAG, the first place to access Istria from the north, is characterized by its charm and peaceful environment, with its 45 km of coastline and interesting hinterland, summarizes the specificities of the entire region and experience the alternative discovery of the Mediterranean area..



Team Building on a sailing boat

In the organizational reality of companies, there are many moments and situations in which team work, cohesion and unity of purpose and the ability to enhance the contributions of participants without losing sight of the general objectives defined by the organization . Outdoor training aims to concentrate many different situations in a short time, going beyond the limit of normal training dynamics. We find ourselves outside of everyday work, together with the crew and we are in solidarity: there is no competition, only collaboration. In addition, training on a sailing boat focuses on the immediacy of learning, stimulated by a highly motivating, engaging and incentive experience, in some ways playful: emotion acts as a mediator in the learning and communication processes.

Why train on a sailing boat?

The sailing boat, the new frontier of training. It gives life to an equation that enriches one's social and professional life, in a dynamic and fun setting. In less time than the classic teaching. In fact, sailing is an emotional classroom that combines sport, relaxation and learning. It allows complete freedom of expression in a structured but non-judgmental environment. The boat offers the opportunity to immediately tune into strangers, thus breaking down the barriers, social taboos and prejudices that prevent you from giving your best.

The sailing boat is a microcosm that unites the foundations of training: Knowledge = theoretical knowledge; Knowing how to do = specific technical skills; Knowing how to be = personal attitude, behavior and personality.

The sailboat is a metaphor for the everyday world

It offers important food for thought on: Making decisions - To face problems - Solve them in the best way and in real time - Address the unexpected

Operational modalities: To successfully attend the course, specific sailing experiences and special skills are not required. Classroom sessions are held in the company or in a hotel facility adjacent to the port.sailing 2542901 1920


Urban Safari Guided tour in the historic center of the city inspired by the legends of San Pellegrino and San Marco. You can see the city with new eyes, hunting for hidden details, to see, hear and taste. It is an exciting experience of psychogeography, that is, a subjective creative reconstruction of the complex environmental and cultural phenomena that testify to the sedimentation of different historical periods. The route winds like a traveling team game in the ancient alleys lapped by the sea in search of clues to discover a city like you've never seen, heard or smelled. Unveiling stages and activities in advance would be a crime and we really want to surprise you! However, we can tell you that place - experience - emotion - game are the keywords of this fun Safari.

What it includes

  • Nordic Walking walk with an instructor
  • Treasure hunt for images, smells, sounds and tactile experiences
  • Tasting typical products of Istrian cuisine and lunch with the Pellegrin's Menu
  • Culture Kultura umag trg