Business in Croatia

Business Village ANDROMAKE, an exhibition space inside FAIRS AND MARKETS created in collaboration between ANDROmAKE and other entrepreneurs, and is an exclusive place to meet commercial operators with B2B appointments, a reference point for receiving new stimuli and generating new international partnerships . It's an opportunity to make yourself visible to the public of entrepreneurs and professionals with workshops and presentations, and a unique opportunity to look at global markets.

B2B meetings and networking events represent one of the best types of event to participate in, an important opportunity to know who the counterparty is, and above all to be able to meet her in person. With its proven formula of one-to-one meetings, ANDROMAKE aims to foster collaboration between companies to satisfy diversified requests for innovation, competitiveness and rationalization of organizational systems. In this context, ANDROmAKE offers qualified organizational, logistic, legal, administrative and fiscal support; coaching and staff training in all internationalization phases.Strategic marketingMarket analysis, surveys, inspections, are part of a strategic planning of the innovation and development activities of the companies. In fact, each company needs to plan long-term objectives that take into account global profitability and its portfolio of products / services, aiming at maximizing turnover and achieving successful results

ANDROMAKE offers operational tools to carry out market research, commercial partners, feasibility studies and financial plans, for projects co-financed by the European Union or other national funds. Thanks to many years of experience, we can guarantee accurate planning, administrative and logistical assistance during all phases of the project.