ANDROmAKE is an agency specializing in the organization of business and administration. It provides 360 ° legal and information support, manages the administration of small businesses, especially those owned by foreign citizens.

ANDROmAKE offers support during the opening of a new commercial company and the opening of a commercial activity in Croatia. There are an increasing number of companies, especially foreign ones, that want to look for new markets that do not involve too heavy costs such as those related to maintaining a permanent office. A choice dictated not only by savings needs, but also by a new work philosophy increasingly based on flexibility and mobility, and which appears in many respects absolutely rational and sustainable.

As a first exploratory approach and launching base for a new market, our Postal Secretarial and Domiciliation Service is therefore particularly advantageous and Offers the following advantages:

  • Receiving and managing mail - punctual and effective
  • Collection and reordering and archiving of documents
  • Checking invoices and tracking cash flow
  • Temporary use of office rooms and work tools
  • Contract management
  • Relations with banks for payments to and from a checking account, checking foreign exchange inflows, placing orders for the transfer of foreign currency,
  • Communication with public and private bodies
  • Translations
  • Legislative and legal orientation
  • Development of business plans for creditors
  • Import / export

And to make consulting services even better, we are based on the development of entrepreneurship and connections between Istria (Croatia), the Veneto region (Italy) and the Osttirol region (Austria), in order to create international partnerships.