Dear Andromake’s Partners and Cooperators,

Wherever you are we are there!

I remind you all that Andromake (ANDROMAKE = the fighter) has adopted since 2009 the model of "liquid enterprise"

in the belief that "change is the only permanent thing and that uncertainty is the only certainty" Zygmunt Bauman, Polish sociologist.

The liquid adjective well represents this adaptability: a liquid substance is in fact fluid, flowing, elastic and takes the shape of the container in which it is located.

The liquid company is a very flexible business model and capable of adapting quickly to changes in business and society.


There are two pillars on which the liquid enterprise is based:  technology that makes our work more efficient and people with a strong aptitude for learning new skills

To combat this serious health and social emergency introduced by Covid-19, we will aim with all our means to:

-         To develop digital technology to expand and make the workspace more virtual, facilitate communication and the creation of networks (enhancement of the website as a virtual shop window , development of e-commerce strategies, launch of blogger communication practices, etc.)

-         To boost  and enhance people (development of technological and linguistic skills at transnational level) through online self-training moments, so that they are enabled to work even in the absence of hourly or spatial constraints but with an organization certified from time to time aimed at phases, cycles and objectives, in order to reconcile the times of life and work and, at the same time, help the growth of productivity.    With your cooperation we will do it!

Was wir machen

Der Kulturtourismus in Südtirol Österreich wird mit Hilfsorganisationen Österreichs gestärkt um das Bewusstsein junger Menschen für historische Schätze zu schärfen.

Wir haben langjährige Erfahrungen im Import / Export gesammelt, insbesondere hinsichtlich der grenzüberschreitenden kommerziellen Dienstleistungen der Adria-Region mit innovativen Produkten, die europäischen Standards entsprechen, und zu sehr wettbewerbsfähigen Preisen in verschiedenen Produktbereichen angeboten werden.

Ziel des PARKADE-Projekts ist es, den Alpe Adria Radweg auszubauen, E-Bike Ladestationen zu errichten und einen starken Impuls für nicht-touristische Ballungsräume zu geben.